Burisma: New Gas Reserves Discovered at Vodyanivske Area

5 березня 2018

KYIV, KYIV, UKRAINE, February 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following field work at the Vodyanivske Area, Burisma Group discovered new oil & gas reserves. This helped the company increase confirmed reserves and expand field potential. According to Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeiniy, these reserves were discovered after a series of geological exploration works.

“This year, we will continue drilling and explorations works at the Vodyanivske Area to ensure we are properly informed and able to make competent decisions concerning the sale of industrial gas,” says Taras Burdeiniy. Field work was carried out with the help of specialists from Dawson Geophysical of American and ARAM seismic survey equipment. Data processing and interpretation of seismic data are still under way.

According to Burisma Group CEO, in 2017 the Group obtained data that allowed to break down the geological structure of Vodyanivske area and discover new reserves.

”The technologies used at the Vodyanivske Area will be used at Derkachivsko-Voitenivske and Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivske sites. Works will be conducted on the territory covering more than 320 square kilometers,” says Taras Burdeiniy.

Following Burisma’s investment strategy, within the next two years 2D seismic works will be carried out on more than 500 linear kilometers, and 3D seismic works – on more than 1500 square kilometers. In January, the Group has already started exploration works on four fields.

“To date, Burisma is Ukraine’s largest group in terms of natural gas reserves, mostly due to efficient policy of replenishing hydrocarbon reserves. And the most effective means of increasing reserves is geological survey. In 2018, we will continue to work on optimizing volumes and increasing the efficiency of geological exploration to ensure stable production growth in the medium and long-term perspectives,“ says Taras Burdeiniy.

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