Burisma Group Invests more than UAH 100 million in social projects in 2016-2017

May 23, 2018

In 2016-2017 Burisma International Energy Group has invested more than UAH 100 million into social projects to encourage change in the country.

Burisma’s projects include support for veteran organizations representing ATO soldiers and soldiers serving around the world, socially underprivileged, as well as construction and repair of local infrastructure. Over the years, the Group has invested into building and renovating hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, roads and other facilities in ten areas of Kharkiv region.

“From day one, we at Burisma have made a lasting commitment to raising people’s living standards and promoting sustainable development throughout the country. We work closely with local communities and authorities to foster growth and enhance social environment”, says CEO for Ukrainian operations at Burisma Taras Burdeinyi.

In particular, thanks to its consistent work and dedication, Burisma has prevented a fresh water crisis in Krasnokutsk district, Kharkiv region. The Group has repaired a water supply system to facilitate uninterrupted access to drinking water. In addition, the Group’s daughter company – Systemoilengineering carried out repairs of street lighting. Just recently, Burisma completed a road renovation and maintenance project in the village of Vodiane.

“I think that I can speak on behalf of the entire community that the company has always been true to its word and fully engaged in the community life. Especially at a time like this, it is reassuring to know that you can count on someone. We are grateful to the company for its work ethic and constant engagement,” says the Chairman of the town council Lilia Luchkovska.

In the span of less than two years, Systemoilengineering implemented altogether 10 projects in Krasnokutsk district. Most large-scale social projects were brought into fruition by the Group’s largest daughter company Energy service company ESCO Pivnich that had already carried out more than 100 programs.

“Despite a tough difficult macroeconomic environment, the company has remained loyal to local communities. Our goal is to make small town living comfortable. With this in mind, we have built new roads in the villages of Rakytne (Novovodolazhskyi district), Koviahy (Valkovsk district) and Karaykozovka (Krasnokutsk district). The company has renovated Central District Hospital in the town of Valky. In addition, the company has allocated funds for social and economic development of the town of Liubotyn. In particular, a part of the allocated funds was used to replace windows in all educational institutions”, notes Mr Taras Burdeinyi.

Burisma Group remains among the country’s largest taxpayers.

“We take corporate social responsibility very seriously. Only a socially responsible business can change lives in our country for the better. I believe, we have an important role to play in the communities where we work,” says the President of Burisma Group Nikolay Zlochevskyi.

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, at the end of 2016, the President of Burisma Group Nikolay Zlochevskyi made the shortlist of TOP-3 Ukrainian business owners that paid most in taxes to the state budget of Ukraine.

Early this year, the Group announced its “Billion Strategy”, according to which the Group is planning to reach over 1 bcm of gas production levels, bring into operation new wells worth more than UAH 3 billion ($100m USD) and pay UAH 2 billion in taxes to budgets of all levels.


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