Burisma Plans to Conduct 7 Fracs by the End of 2016

September 22, 2016

International Energy Group Burisma, the largest independent gas producer in Ukraine, is going to conduct two hydraulic fracturing operations during September and October. Pilot projects will be implemented at the Rakitnyanske gas field in the Kharkiv region in cooperation with the US company ProPetro Services, specializing in hydraulic fracturing. Burisma plans to conduct 7 fracs by the end of 2016, applying new technology at other fields.


In spring, Burisma Group announced acquisition of 15 pumps with a total capacity of 35,000 hp from oil and gas service leading company ProPetro Services. Only in the US, ProPetro has conducted over 10,000 successful fracturing operations. Thus, Burisma became the owner of the largest equipment fleet not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS, making it possible to “revive” nationwide idle wells, where conventional oil or gas extraction was already impossible or unprofitable. Project launch and management will be carried out by the American experts.

“We made a strategic decision to become the most innovative private natural gas producer in Ukraine. That’s why the company will continue to invest in equipment, people and technology. Fracturing method is another step forward towards implementation of the strategy aimed at increasing domestic gas output. Burisma Group brings together world’s best experts and the most technological equipment”, noted Taras Burdeinyi, CEO for Ukrainian Operations at Burisma.

Modern equipment fleet and US ProPetro experts can grow into a national project, which will give an opportunity for various companies to participate in services tenders, including the state’s largest natural gas producer UkrGasVydobuvannya.


Hydraulic fracturing method is now often used by global producers as a technology which optimizes hydrocarbon production. The first hydraulic fracturing in the world was conducted in 1947 and is attributed to the US company Halliburton. Today, the number of wells in the United States, where commercial fracturing operations took place, exceeds 1 million.


Earlier this year, Burisma started cooperation with another US company Dawson Geophysical, having acquired seismic equipment that has never been used in Ukraine before. This equipment will allow the company not only to ensure its own seismic needs, but also to provide services to other gas companies, covering large areas and offering high-accuracy seismic data.


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