Burisma Officially Named Ukraine’s Top Private Gas Producer by National Corporate Reputation Ranking

April 13, 2016

Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest independent gas producer was named top private company among oil & gas producers operating in Ukraine, and the second in the industry after a state-owned “Ukrgazvidobuvannya”, based on II National Corporate Reputation Ranking “Reputational activists” held by the weekly periodical “Business” in the framework of the XIV International PR-festival.

“We’ve very thoroughly looked into the methodology of II National Corporate Reputation Ranking “Reputational activists”. Reputation is a delicate matter, and we have tried to evaluate it as if it were jewelry, taking into account the views of all stakeholders. First of all, the jury members with their expertise in a way became an aggregator of information on what people really think about the company’s customers, partners, competitors, media and authorities. Second of all, we’ve evaluated the quality of reputation management as a single package, including the foundation of reputation – an existing reputation “baggage” of the company, shaped by the power of its brand, the level of management, social impact, its “pedigree” and “people”. We also considered how a company creates and strengthens its reputation, including all kinds of communication with stakeholders and audience. A company’s willingness and ability to conduct a public dialogue, taking into account the feedback from its stakeholders, was important to us as well. As a result, we got a comprehensive, objective and expert external evaluation of companies’ reputation. As done by all public rankings, we celebrate the best reputation management practices that could be useful to other companies from the same or other sectors. We honestly believe that the future belongs to those that understand the value of this unique asset, and are able to work with it, “- said the organizer of the National Reputation Management Ranking, a Vice-President of Ukrainian PR-League and a partner at the “PR-Service” Agency Olena Derevianko.

According to the Advisor at the Board of Directors at Burisma Holdings Vadym Pozharskyi, the results of the National Reputation Management Ranking speak of a very high external assessment of the work done by the Burisma team.

“Over the past year, Burisma Holdings has become the most globally recognizable Ukrainian gas producer. New projects in Ukraine and abroad, an increase in natural gas production to 1.2 billion cubic meters and the purchase of the “KUB-Gas” company transformed our company into a global group with interests located on three continents. It was not, however, just external factors that played a key role in strengthening the company’s reputation. In 2015 alone, companies in the Burisma Group paid circa USD 3 billion in taxes. This indicates that we are one of the leading industrial taxpayers in the country, which once again confirms our social orientation and compliance with best international corporate practices. At the same time, equally important is the human resources management. The company helps its employees grow and develop within the company, mastering latest technology and best equipment together with European and US specialists. Also, over the last year, we had new employees from Ukraine, and other countries, including Europe join our team”, said in an interview to the “Business” weekly periodical Board Advisor at Burisma Holdings Vadym Pozharskyi.

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