Burisma Holdings commends US lawmakers on efforts to support Ukrainian energy independence

June 3, 2014

Burisma Holdings today applauded a range of US legislative support aimed at developing Ukraine’s broad and untapped resources; and increasing transparency and good governance. Burisma Holdings, as a leading independent oil and gas producer in Ukraine, welcomes the continued engagement of US lawmakers with these important matters.

Four United States Senators have recently drafted a letter to President Obama encouraging engagement with Ukraine; with energy efficiency and the development of Ukraine’s domestic energy resources as a centerpiece of the dialogue. These senators join a bipartisan movement of US leaders working to support energy sector reforms, promote Ukrainian self-sufficiency and mitigate corruption in the energy sector. In fact, at this moment there are no fewer than three pieces of legislation under consideration in the US Congress, in support of these essential measures. As a company with an experienced and talented management team, with a mandate to develop and implement good corporate governance structures and enhance transparency, Burisma is hopeful that these efforts will continue.

“The United States seeks action to enhance Ukrainian energy independence, following an important call from the people of Ukraine and from companies like ours”, said Chairman of the Board of Directors Alan Apter. “We are eager to collaborate with these voices for independence, transparency and good governance. As engagement progresses, we are hopeful that Burisma can serve as a resource for US and other Western leaders to provide needed context and perspective on the Ukrainian market”.

Burisma’s success in the gas market contributes to energy security, national sovereignty and regional stability. Gas supplies from Burisma’s operations help power companies that employ thousands of Ukrainians.

Click HERE to read the letter to President Obama.

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