The Future of Energy Security

June 27, 2016

On June 2, Monte Carlo, Monaco, welcomed the European Forum on Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability. The Forum touched upon such issues as the development of infrastructure projects aimed at diversification of energy supplies, new legislative initiatives in the energy sector, as well as promotion of alternative energy.  More than 200 guests attended, including European politicians, owners of Europe’s largest energy companies, energy experts and journalists.


The Forum was organized by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation ) and the Ukrainian company with assets in Italy and Kazakhstan Burisma Group. The venue was not picked at random. The Principality of Monaco pays a lot of attention to energy efficiency issues. The Forum on Energy Security was opened by Prince Albert II of Monaco. In his speech, HSH talked about necessity to develop alternative energy sources and called the Forum’s topic instrumental in ensuring future security of modern European states. 

“Energy security planning needs to be done in the long-term perspective.  We should pay more attention to renewable sources that provide cheap energy without pollution”, he said. Among speakers were reputable European politicians, including Aleksander Kwasniewski (President of Poland in 1995-2005), Joschka Fischer (Vice-Chancellor of Germany in 1998-2005), Andris Piebalgs (EU Commissioner for Energy in 2004 and 2009), TJ Glauthier (US Deputy Minister of Energy in 1999-2001, President at TJG Energy Associates), Hunter Biden (Independent director at Burisma), Ireneusz Bil (Director Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s Foundation “Amicus Europae”), a representative of the European Commission for Energy Jean-Arnold Vinois as well as other distinguished guests. 


The most discussed issues concerned Ukraine, as well as its relationship with Russia and Europe. The speakers voiced support for Ukraine and Europe on the path towards energy independence.

“Traditionally, energy security is seen as part of the political security. Today, it is very important for Ukraine to work closely with Europe, and there is already been some progress,” said Joschka Fischer. 

A radical transformation in the political situation in Europe over the last two years requires major changes in the approach to energy security, and together with the Europeans, Ukrainians need to form a new, common strategy. 

“It is unprecedented for the forum to unite all kinds of people behind the idea of European ​​energy security. The Forum provides a discussion platform for sharing ideas, that will result in a comprehensive, long-term work on shaping a new strategy for European energy security “, said the President of Burisma Group Nikolay Zlochevskyi. 

According to him, the Energy Security Forum will become an annual event held in one of the European countries to engage a wider audience in this process. 



The forum also hosted a presentation of the book “Mission Ukraine” written by the Polish journalist Maciej Olchawa. The author specializes in contemporary Ukrainian history. His latest book reveals interesting details about the Cox-Kwasniewski mission, who played a key role during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Aleksander Kwasniewski, together with the author held an autograph session and promised to publish the book in Ukrainian. 

The next day, on June 3, the city of Monte Carlo welcomed the international Electric Marathon. Participants traveled more than 3 thousand km, crossed borders of 10 countries visiting 23 European cities. The 5thmarathon was organized by the Electric Marathon International in partnership with Burisma Holdings and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Monaco is probably one of the very few places where electric cars on the streets is a common phenomenon.