Burisma was a partner in Capitol Hill forum featuring Poroshenko

April 1, 2016

The event was considered important for attracting American investment

Burisma, the group of companies belonging to former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Nykolai Zlochevsky, was a partner in the “Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” Forum on Capitol Hill (Washington), at which President Petro Poroshenko appeared.

As the company’s press release declared, Poroshenko’s speech was his first major appearance before American public officials and representatives of large American companies. The forum, organized by the World Affairs Councils of America and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council with the partnership of Burisma, allowed Poroshenko to directly appeal to representatives of American companies to support reforms in the country and invest in the Ukrainian economy.

In his speech Poroshenko emphasized that the support of international partners to achieve peace was critical for the success of the Ukrainian state, and that the West could not give up on Ukraine. “It is very important that our partners help us become strong in all respects – politically, economically, and militarily,” said the president of Ukraine. He also expressed certainty that the new government’s program would be based on the commitments to the IMF and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, and would also include the fight against corruption and the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. In his words, the governmental crisis in Ukraine is not merely another challenge facing the country, but represents a chance. “Some may say that the political crisis in Ukraine is a challenge. I believe that it is a chance. We should come out of it even stronger than before,” declared the president at the forum.

According to the Advisor to the Board of Directors of Burisma, Vadym Pozharskyi, the event on Capitol Hill featuring the state’s top official was an important link in the dialogue not only in the political arena, but between business figures in both countries, allowing the development of bilateral trade and the arrival of American investment in Ukraine. “We should inform the world community that Ukraine is ready for deep economic reforms and that this process is already irreversible. By opening the market and lowering administrative barriers, we can attract American companies to Ukraine. Most of all, for the realization of the country’s strategy of energy independence, which was declared a priority goal by the government and the Verkhovna Rada,” said Pozharskyi.

Recall that the owner of Burisma is the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Nikolai Zlochevsky. A year and a half ago this was officially confirmed by Burisma’s Director for Ukrainian Operations, Taras Budreinyi, in an interview with Delo. “Nikolai Zlochevsky is the founder and final beneficiary of Burisma Holdings. We have never hidden the ownership structure of the company, which can be easily verified in official registers,” he said.