Burisma Holdings Named Ukraine’s Best Natural Gas Producer by Reputation Management Ranking

March 30, 2015


Vadym Pozharskyi, Board Advisor at Burisma Holdings, a biggest private gas producer in Ukraine, — on importance of energy-independent Ukraine’s reputation management.

— Company has taken unusual step towards gas market in 2013. It has not only disclosed the owners but also bring foreign investment bankers, lawyers and politicians into Board of Directors…

—The presence of independent directors in Burisma Holdings has become a key step to create a transparent company with best international standards of corporate governance. We are becoming more transparent and understandable to both local and international community, and will continue to move in this direction.

Gas sector has always been features of “private” membership club. But we have made an important decision – to be not just in the forefront of transformation processes of the industry, but also to create a civilized gas market in Ukraine with the highest level of corporate, environmental and social responsibility.

At the same time, the specific features of gas industry are that reputational asset depends not only on the collective perception of the company in the industry, but also on trust relationship with the government because gas is a strategic resource that is connected with energy independence of the country. Therefore, quality and professional management of the industry is required.

—How is reputation management system arranged in the company?

More than 20 years ago the founders of reengineering Michael Hammer and James Champy have formulated the law, under which not the goods but the processes of their creation determine long-term success of the company. The more efficient business processes are, the better goods and services and the higher the chances are in the competition.

Therefore, Burisma Holdings current reputation strategy is based on three principles. First of all, it is the environmental safety and keeping of favorable ecological situation in the areas where we work. The second principle is people. It is our greatest asset and most important resource.

The third principle is the industry and technology. The company uses the latest technology in natural gas production and is a benchmark for the industry in regard to implementation of high standards of environmental safety.

— What are the three key Reputation Management areas for your company?

— The basis of reputation is the expert evaluation of the main aspects of the work. Therefore, social responsibility is among the key areas of work. Our enterprises are proactive in areas where they produce paying a lot of attention to social projects and investing in local infrastructure.

The company image is formed through a continuous dialogue. Another area is the formation of Burisma Holdings reputation as the best employer in the industry.

We organize such a relationship model in the company, where both the discipline and motivation, and dedication to work are at high level. We constantly invest in staff. And, of course, there is active media cooperation. It is important to remember that any company has a reputation to uphold, whether it wants it or not.

The main task is not to let it be formed spontaneously, and to make sure that society’s attitude toward the company is based on real facts and achievements, results of its professional public activity and transparent, responsible policy towards community, and not speculation, inaccurate facts and distortions.